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Making trip planning fun again

Today's travelers typically visit 120+ websites prior to departure, trying to find more authentic experiences, away from the masses. Typically you find some interesting things to do, but it just takes soo much time, you’re not sure you can trust the recommendations, and you’ll get information overload. 

Live the World makes it easy and fun to plan a memorable trip.
Will you join us in revolutionizing the way travelers plan their trips?

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What we stand for


Local experiences at the slow travel pace

Just for you

More activities than your typical travel guide; filter any way you like


Recommended and vetted by locals; never sponsored

Live The World is a game changer in travel planning

We bring back local and authentic traveling


<50% want to see only the highlights


53% wants to experience the local culture


27% crave slow travel


21% desire to escape the hustle JOMO-style (Joy-of-Missing-Out)


120+ visits to travel sites in the 45 days prior to booking a trip

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What’s in it for you?

We work with partners like you to:

  • Jointly develop new destinations in exclusive partnerships
  • Help distinguish your offer from competitors with our slow travel guides
  • Increase the loyalty of your customers
  • Generate more revenue together

By working with us, you encourage travelers to discover less touristic places and experiences, and contribute to:

  • More sustainable travel
  • Less overtourism
  • A balanced economic impact

In short – it ensures travellers can continue to have great experiences for the years to come

Sounds interesting? Talk about the opportunities for your business with our founder & CEO Joris Vanherp.

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We are different

The first slow travel guide

Live the World's vision is to help travelers explore more of the world.As an independent traveler, you’ll typically find yourself buying a paper travel guide to get an overview of your upcoming destination. But you may realize that if you visit those highlights, you’ll simply end up with the masses, missing out on more unique, authentic experiences. And in fact, these are the experiences you’ll remember. The ‘slow travel’ trend has become more and more popular over the past couple of years, and even more so after the pandemic.

So how do you find those memorable experiences? Maybe you start reading blogs and looking on social media, and sure, you will find some interesting things to do, but it just takes so much time. Plus, you’re not even sure you can trust the recommendations. It’s all information overload.

Live the World's platform makes it easy and fun to plan a memorable trip, filled with authentic experiences.When you visit our website or social media, you’ll already get inspired for your next trip. Once you’ve chosen your destination, you’ll head to our interactive map, where you can discover hundreds of activities. There’s the option to personalize your view to find only activities that you are interested in, and for each of them, you’ll get clear, bite-sized information right from within the same view. Select the ones you like and build a fully personalized itinerary from within the same app. No more need to write it on paper or in a spreadsheet!

What makes us unique, is that we are the only travel guide that can offer you hundreds of authentic experiences that you cannot find in any other travel guide. Our intuitive interface makes it possible to keep an overview, and find what you need.

We can generate all this content thanks to our partnership model with local experts, and the technology we’re developing.

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What our users say

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Gabi D
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Live the World really made me feel like a local while researching a new city. My favourite feature is the "Tips & Tricks" section that gives you the inside scoop on each activity!
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Logan L
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"When I travel using Live the World, it feels like I have a pocket-book of the best genuine recommendations all in my hand. It’s so easy to pull up my saved itineraries on the go! The platform’s interactive map is one of my favourite features, as I’ve used it effortlessly to explore new places I’ve never been to. Using the guides as my travel companion, I feel like an actual insider because the tips are all from real locals."
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Demi P
"From the sleek navigation of Live the World platform to how organized the personal recommendations are, I really enjoy how you can choose a location and have a wide variety of highlights. It's super user-friendly to be able to see local tips on a map!"
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Lyra B
"It feels so good being able to explore a place that's recommended from a local there! I love that aspect of Live the World. As a traveller, I find that I'm going somewhere new yet not touristy because of these authentic tips."
user avatar
Live the World definitely offers a more personalised travel guide. The site is more humanised than sites like TripAdvisor and the photos of the activities give a really good sense of what you’ll experience once you’re there. I love how it offers options for every taste whether it be adventurous or kid-friendly - they can really cater to all requirements of anyone travelling!

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