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Check in at the quirkiest hotels Amsterdam has to offer. 

Amsterdam is one of the quirkiest cities in the world. After seeing all these unique places to stay, you’ll know why. Some of the coolest hotels in the Netherlands can be found in its capital. A lot of them do book out quickly, but we’ve collected hidden gems too and hotels near Amsterdam to make your trip planning tourist-proof. 

From design hotels to luxury 5 star boutiques, Amsterdam has a lot of interesting places to choose from. Stay in a windmill, houseboat, or even a tram carriage. Where will you stay on your next Netherlands trip? Here are the best 18 quirky places to stay in Amsterdam for you! 

While you're in Amsterdam, also be sure to check out some of these top activities in the city:


1. Lloyd Hotel

  • 3 star design hotel
  • 20 minutes on the metro from Dam Square
  • Dog friendly 
  • Rooms for every budget

This quirky hotel is one of the best design accomodation in Amsterdam. Lloyd Hotel is a 3 star hotel and just a tram ride away from the city’s Dam Square. All the rooms have their own unique vibe as they’ve all been created by Dutch designers. Whatever your style, there’s a room for you. No, really, there’s over 100 different quirky rooms to choose from. 

What makes Lloyd Hotel so unique is its history. This hotel first opened in the 1920s as a place to stay for migrants, then it became a home for artist studios. Since then, over 40 Dutch designers have worked on the rooms here making Lloyd Hotel a cultural gem of Amsterdam. 

  • Book your room at Lloyd Hotel here:

2. Citizen M

  • 4 star hotel 
  • 20 minutes on the metro from Dam Square 
  • Excellent transport connections 
  • Good buffet 

Tucked away in the business district of Amsterdam is one of the most interesting modern hotels in the city. The minimalist rooms have super fast Wi-Fi, nice views of the city, and you’ve got some working spaces too here. CitizenM is a natural fit for the business traveller, but we’ve seen all types check in here because it’s so close to the metro station and budget friendly. 

The bathrooms are definitely the most unique part of this hotel! They make use of the smaller space of the bedroom to make sure you’ve got everything you need during your stay. We love smart storage solutions, don’t you? 

The rooms are cozy, so if you want a bigger room then check out our next hotel… 

  • Book your next hotel room with Citizen M here:

3. Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam

  • 4 star hotel 
  • 50 minutes on the metro from Dam Square 
  • Unique building with good views 
  • Nice bar at the top 

As you travel around the city, you’ll eventually stumble across the unusual tower hotel of Fletcher Amsterdam. Best seen at night, the hotel adds a blue glow to the highway. The unique look doesn’t stop there. Head inside and you’ll find sleek and modern rooms. Like CitizenM, the Fletcher Hotel has stand alone showers in the actual bedrooms. 

One of the best things to do here is to go up to the top of the tower and enjoy a drink at the Sky Bar & Lounge. There’s a pretty good view of the city up from this quirky Amsterdam hotel.

  • Book a room at Fletchers Hotel Amsterdam here:

4. Westerdok25

  • A hidden gem houseboat 
  • 20 minutes on the tram from Dam Square 
  • Close to major sights
  • Bed & Breakfast 

Want something different? Amsterdam is unique for its gorgeous bed & breakfast houseboats. Located on the beautiful canal along the Westerdokseiland, Westerdok25 has only one double bedroom making it a quirky pick for couples and solo travellers. Bonus: the houseboat is unknown to most tourists!

A trip to Amsterdam isn’t complete without an exploration of its canal. Westerdok25 is in the perfect starting point to begin your deep dive into the city’s culture. It’s super close to the Van Gogh Museum and other major attractions in the city centre, but the location isn’t everything. The boat has a vintage charm with a wooden interior and cozy decor. 

  • Book your houseboat stay in Amsterdam with Westerdok25:

5. Camping Zeeburg

  • Eco camping site 
  • 35 minutes on the tram from Dam Square 
  • Cabins and pods available 
  • Budget & group friendly 

You could bring a tent or you can stay in a cozy and colourful cabin. The eco-friendly campsite is only a short drive away from the city centre and is a popular pick for groups, budget travellers, and couples. Enjoy the rustic vibes close to the modern city. 

There’s plenty of choice whatever our budget and needs. The larger cabins rest beside the river and contain a few rooms and bunk beds. The pods might be small, but they are definitely some of the most unique accommodation you'll find around the city. We recommend the 2 person barrels if you fancy something different! 

The campsite also has a bike rental so you can cycle into the city centre. 

  • Book your eco-friendly stay in Amsterdam at Camping Zeeburg here:

6. Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel

  • 5 star hotel 
  • 30 minutes on the bus from Dam Square
  • Luxury rooms
  • Fun events 

We can’t talk about interesting hotels without bringing up the crane. Yes, it’s an actual crane. The industrial vibe makes way for luxury suits at NDSM. Located on Amsterdam’s harbour, the Crane Hotel has only three luxury suites. The hotel opened pretty recently, but has jumped to fame as it is one of the most luxury hotels in the Netherlands. If you want a boutique experience, this place is for you. 

The highest luxury suite is the Mystique room with Asian-inspired furnishings and decor at 45m high above the ground. The best parts of the hotel can be found up even higher. At the very top floor, you’ll find a jacuzzi and bungee jump.  

Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel organises a bunch of music events and themed dinners throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled when you book!

  • Book your luxury suite at Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel here:

7. Hotel de Windketel

  • 3 star hotel 
  • 25 minute bus ride from Dam Square 
  • Luxury apartment for two 
  • Green location 

Cozy up in Hotel de Windketel. OK, it’s not quite a hotel. This unique accommodation is an apartment fit for two. Complete with Dutch design furniture and rooms, the apartment is nestled into the first green district of the Netherlands. It’s totally car free, student friendly, and one of the coolest parts of Amsterdam. 

The location isn’t all you need to know about this place. De Windketel itself has everything you need for an Amsterdam trip from a fully equipped kitchen to a cute attic bedroom. If you prefer self-catering and want a quiet retreat, we recommend this quirky apartment. 

  • Book your eco-friendly stay at Hotel de Windketel here:

8. Volkshotel Amsterdam

  • 3 star hotel 
  • 13 minute metro ride from Dam Square 
  • Private balconies 
  • Sleek designs 

One of the best and closest hotels near Dam Square, Volkshotel Amsterdam is full of beautifully designed Dutch rooms. Complete with workspaces, private balconies, some rooms, and a nice rooftop terrace, this hotel has something for everyone. 

There are different rooms for every budget type at the design hotel, but if you’ve got the cash we recommend booking one of the special rooms. The Bathing Bikou room is especially unique thanks to its gorgeous Japanese bathtub, but whatever room you pick you can’t really go wrong. 

  • Book a room at Volkshotel here:

9. SWEETS hotel

  • 28 bridge houses around Amsterdam 
  • Options for every budget 
  • Great for couples & solo travellers 

It doesn’t get more unusual than this, folks. SWEETS Hotel has 28 bridge houses across Amsterdam. Located along the canals of the city, these mini houses are some of the best places to stay for couples and solo travellers. It's the definitely of a quirky Amsterdam hotel. Each bridge house can fit a max of 2 people, so this isn’t the best pick for groups! But, if you’re after a unique stay in Amsterdam then SWEETS is right up your alley. 

Back in the day, these bridge houses were home to the bridge operators who kept Amsterdam’s canals running. Now, these mini houses are open for business. Each house has WiFi, a double bed, and facilities. Some of the houses are bigger than others and with 28 available you’ve got plenty to choose from! One of our top picks is the Nieuwe Amstelbrug bridge house, which is in the stylish De Pijp neighbourhood and a short journey away from Dam Square. 

  • Book your bridgehouse stay with SWEETS Hotel here:

10. Hotel V Nesplein

  • 4 star hotel 
  • 4 minute walk from Dam Square 
  • Boutique rooms 
  • Luxury experiences 

Want to stay close to the city centre? Hotel V Nesplein is nestled as close as you can get to the tourist centre of Amsterdam with all the added extras of a luxury hotel. Settle in for a massage, dining experience, or relax in a designer room. The suites are your biggest luxury option here and are all uniquely designed but even the more budget friendly options are gorgeous and cozy. 

What makes this place unique? Hotel V Nesplein was once an office block. It might not look all that fancy on the outside, but step indoors and be transported into a world of comfort. Nesplein is one of the most convenient places to stay in the city. The hotel has everything you need on-site including a sauna, bar, restaurant, and gym.  

  • Book your room at Hotel V Nesplein here: 

11. Hotel Not Hotel

  • 3 star hotel 
  • 20 minute tram ride from Dam Square
  • Unique design experience 

Unusual and unforgettable, Hotel Not Hotel takes the community vibes from a hostel and adds unique rooms to make something special of a quirky Amsterdam hotel. The hotel has a bunch of tiny themed rooms in old tram cars, behind secret bookcases, and more. 

Some design hotels just give you sleek and modern vibes, but Hotel Not Hotel definitely takes design to the next level. Some bigger rooms are available for groups, but for couples and solo travellers try to snatch up the old Volkswagen or tram car to enjoy one of the most unusual stays in Amsterdam. 

Hotel Not Hotel also has locations in Rotterdam. Check out our Rotterdam city guide to start planning your trip! 

  • Book your stay at Hotel Not Hotel Amsterdam here:

12. Hotel The Exchange

  • 3 star hotel 
  • 4 minute walk from Dam Square 
  • Fashion/Design hotel 

Calling all fashion lov3ers! Each of the 61 unique rooms in Hotel The Exchange is in style. Conveniently located near Amsterdam’s city centre and Red Light district, Hotel The Exchange is a popular choice for tourists visiting the city. The hotel has rooms for every budget and even the economy rooms have fashionista decor. Amsterdam has a lot of design hotels, but no hotel in the city loves fashion as much as The Exchange. 

The Deluxe Rooms are worth checking out for those on a higher travel budget. These rooms are unique for their fabrics and fashion-centered furnishings. Each of the deluxe options has a great view of the Damrak Street, which is considered the main street of the city. 

  • Stay in fashion at Hotel The Exchange here:

13. Botel Amsterdam

  • 3 star hotel 
  • 30 minute bus ride to Dam Square 
  • Unusual loft rooms 
  • Free ferries to central station 

Head on over to the NDSM wharf of Amsterdam and you’re sure to see the Botel. Yes, it’s a boat and a hotel. Amsterdam is known for its waters, so why not float about on a relaxing boat-cation? Located in the north side of Amsterdam, Botel is one of the most popular hotels in the city. 

The standard rooms are cozy with all the facilities you need. But if you’re here for unusual accommodation, then take a look at those red letters. Each red letter atop Botel’s boat is actually a private room, each with a different vibe. 

  • Book your room on Botel Amsterdam here:

15. Kith & Kin Apartment 

  • Boutique apartments 
  • 20 minute bus ride from Dam Square
  • Self catering 
  • Close to major attractions

Rated highly by couples and solo travellers, Kith & Kin are a group of stylish self catering apartments just a quick walk away from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. While the double bed apartments are the most popular, there are a couple of options for larger groups and families to a maximum of 5. 

All the apartments are stylishly decorated and complete with a kitchenette, contemporary art, and urbans. For city breaks in Amsterdam, it doesn’t get much better than this! The apartments are located between the Jordaan and Amsterdam-West areas, which are always fun to explore. 

  • Book an apartment with Kith & Kin here:

16. The Hoxton 

  • 4 star hotel 
  • 6 minute walk from Dam Square 
  • Beautiful canal house 

Welcome to one of the most stylish hotels in the city. The Hoxton Amsterdam is located inside a beautiful canal house only a short walk away from the city centre. The hotel has a stylish interior with quirky furniture, Pinterest-worthy spaces, and good views of the city. Even if that was all, it would still make our list! 

But The Hoxton is in one of the best locations in the city. You’re nestled along Amsterdams gorgeous canal district where you’re surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. TThe hotel is also close to Amsterdam’s active nightlife scene. If you’re in the city for an urban break, The Hoxton is your best choice. 

  • Book your stay at The Hoxton here:

17. Ecomama 

  • Eco hostel 
  • 15 minute walk from Dam Square 
  • Budget friendly 

Ecomama is one of our top picks for green places to stay in Amsterdam. Here’s why: The hostel uses recycling facilities, fair trade materials, and so much more. You won’t find another hostel in Amsterdam that takes sustainability to this level. But what about the rooms? No matter your budget or preference, there’s something for you. Get a big 8 person room for a backpacking trip, an all-girls dorm, or a double bed with a private ensuite. 

  • Book a room at Ecomama here:

18. Train Lodge 

  • Quirky hostel
  • 18 minute bus ride to Dam Square 
  • Budget friendly 

Pass the night in a former train car! Known to travellers around the world, Train Lodge always makes the list for being one of the most unique places to stay in the city. Just outside the busy city centre, Train Lodge has a bike rental so you can cycle in to the major attractions. 

The quirky Amsterdam hotel has 4 different types of compartment, so don’t worry if hostels aren’t your usual type of thing. We recommend trying it out anyway. Stay in a ladies only compartment or cozy up in a shared bunk compartment. This hostel has some retro vibes, plus a cafe terrace to meet up. We mostly see young people and students hanging out at the hostel, so this place is definitely one of the most hip places to stay on our list. 

  • Book your bed with Train Lodge here:

Amsterdam has so many unique hotels. But that’s not all. The Netherlands capital also has tons of fun things to do from quirky museums to hidden gems. 

Check out our Amsterdam city guide to start planning your next trip! 

Curious about more hotels and cool places to stay in Amsterdam?

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